Monday, January 26, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #15

Greetings to you!!

First of all, sorry that the episode was up late this week. I had some trouble with Google Video and I was pretty busy this weekend. But it's up now so enjoy it!! And make sure you watch the credits all the way through.

We also have a short coming up that we recently filmed so stay tuned. I'll try and get it up on Wednesday.

And this week's episode will be "Time is Relative" so make sure you turn in on friday to check out the last episode of the season.

Short update I know, but hopefully things will speed up as we near the end of season 2 and start on season 3!!

Finnaly, the Ancient Language Phrase of the Week!

Fethrblaka, eka weohnata néiat haina ono. Blaka eom let lam.

50cents to the first person to comment with the correct translation.


  1. Bird, I will not harm you. Flap to my hand.

    Dylan, if i get this right, you owe me a dollar, because i got the last one right too.

  2. Wrong! Dylan said "Blaka eom let lam" It's really Blaka eom iet lam. Not like it really matters...

  3. Jayme you're right it DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!

  4. Good job Daniel! You won! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  5. yah well u o me a dollar 2 becaus i got it right in my head 2