Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello all,
Dr. D here. As someone said in the last post, we are batting around with some ideas. Of course, we aren't technically hitting ideas with baseball bats (ideas are abstract nouns (that is a noun that is not material (which means like.... like a cockroach, you can touch it) for all you younger viewers) just so you know). But anyway, we are thinking of ideas, and I'd like your opinion on some of mine. What about an episode where we are attacked by aliens? Or a pirate episode? How bout' one where we get the gang's ideas about fashion (this wasn't actually mine (a girl suggested it (Jenna (I'm not mentioning her last name) if you must know) ) so don't think it was me). What about one where we are arrested, or one where me and Drew hold a protest against the suppression of eccentrics rights? Tell me what you think (and remember if you want me to explain something (a math problem, or how to make a "figholteryonning") just tell me).

Dr. Darold Dumbledown Esquire

P.S. My new phrase is, "Oh chronicles."


  1. the one about fashion was actually my little sister Hayley's idea :) and i so support her!
    the one about getting abducted by aliens sounds really nifty.

  2. haha, nice... why not a pirate alien abduction and you must fight your way out of their "ship" and in the end it was a day dream of one of yours in the middle of you guys talking about fashion.... huh huh huh

  3. OH DO SOMETHING HEROS RELATED (you know like the tv show Heros)

  4. How about one where you get attacked by freakin' sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to their freakin' heads?