Thursday, January 29, 2009


This message is for Daniel and for everybody else who is making the polls pointless. STOP voting multiple times, I am DEAD SERIOUS.


  1. I see how it is... A personal attack, huh? Well let me tell you something, sonny. You should put up a poll that actually makes sense. I mean, who in the world knows what a raw onion with a side of seasoned cauliflower tastes like? I mean, let's try to make this believable. I will stop voting multiple times if the polls are up to the standards they can be! THAT is how we do it in Jersey! And, so, I say.

    Also, Andrew, I hate to be a nag. But just telling us to stop voting isn't going to stop some people. I don't think people really feel chills down their spines when they think of what will happen if they disobey something you say because you're "DEAD SERIOUS". That doesn't scare anybody, buddy. :)

    BWT, in case anyone is wondering, this is all in fun. :) So Andrew, this is my response to you. Let's see what kind of a comeback you can conjure up in that mind of yours.

  2. It only became personal when you told me you had voted seven times. I'm pretty sure that the onion analogy was pretty obvious in its meaning.

    Also, it's not about chills, its about my confidence in people maturity, and currently my confidence is extremely low. So this is really a desperate plea.

  3. Wait, Daniel, that's how we do it in jersey?! Did you move or something? I'm so confused...

    And for the record Andrew, I have never voted more than once per poll. ;)

  4. No, he didn't move, his official WAS character is now from New Jersey.

    And I don't recall saying you voted twice.

  5. Yes I know I was never blamed for it, but I figured I might as well show myself innocent before I'm falsely blamed. (you know who you are.)

  6. Well Andrew, it seems that you have finally seen the light.

  7. i only voted once i promise. and daniel stop what is the point of voting alot. it's anoying everybody.

    -emily hoffman