Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Need Your Help!!

Hello fellow surfers of the interwebs. I am in need of your services.

I need a film company name. One that relates to W.A.S. because we are using a different camera and such to do all the filming and I am doing all the editing and producing.

I need something imaginative and relates to W.A.S. If somone gives me something good, I may have a prize for him. So please leave reccomendations in the comments of this post.

P.S.- There will be no weekly update this week

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #31

Greetings Interwebs, It's been a long time since our last update so lets get started.

There has not been much happening recently because of some technical difficulties during editing, but the problems have been fixed and editing will continue very soon.

Also, we were not able to record the W.A.S. theme song yet because my Dad's new youth center still does not have anyone who can run the equipment. Unfortunately we can't just have anyone use the board. One would have to go through a class to learn how to use it, even then It would cost a decent amount to use the recording equipment in general. We're probably going to have to wait until next simester to do recording.

We still have a few small segemnts to record for the first 2 episodes to finish them but we'll hopefully do those soon. We also have a 3rd episode written that we need to record. Other than that, were waiting on the 4ourth and 5ifth scripts. We will unfortunately probably not have a special for this season. But as I type this I think that we might be able to do a short segment at the Harvest Party for a Halloween Special. I'll get dave on it ASAP.

So anywho that's it! Keep watching and keep waiting! Leave comments here and on youtube and tell all your friends about us! We're not going anywhere.

P.S. - Actually the website might be going somewhere for a short time. We are coming up on our domain renewal so the url www.thewickedawesomeshow.com might not work for a while. If you can't access the site, just wait a bit and we'll sort this out.