Monday, December 8, 2008

Wicked Awesome Update #9

Greetings Wicked Awesome Fans!!

This weeks update does not have a video so ... oh well. Get over it!!

We have set another date for filming of the seccond part of the Wicked Awesome Christmas Special. It will probably be this saturday! So we can finnaly finish all of this seasons filming! Then alittle editing and the christmas episode will be up next week! December the 18th!!

For those of you that visit the website often, you know that Robert Galbraith and Daniel Garay have challenged us to Super Smash Brawl. We will hopefully do this at the filming or at some other time. These challenges are the kind of things that we want! If you want to challenges us to a game, shoot me an email at

Well thats it! I know...worst update evar. Dont worry, next week will be much better, with (hopefully) a christmas epsiode trailer!!


  1. are you guys going to do a season 3 once 2 is released?

  2. did u just tell us to shoot u? lol
    looking forward to the xmas special!

  3. oh...right, ill have to fix that

    for those of you seeing this after fix i said

    ", shoot me and email at..."

  4. lol. Cant wait to take you on dylan! we'll finally see who the real hardcore gamer is!

    ( oh and, you might want to watch out. Some smoke bombs might....just might...sneek their way into the wicked awesome filming. MWUAHAHEHEAHEHEAHEHA!)

    he he he....

  5. You'd better watch out!!

    (thats a christmas carol joke if any of you did not catch it)

    P.S. - Dr. Phsyco, are you going to the christmas craft fair?

  6. yup, im gonna be there. 8th grade section.

  7. Dylan, no offense, but I believe this match is pretty much over before it started...

    So is Robert bring his Wii and the game? I can bring a game, but i don't think i can bring my wii...

  8. Rob will bring the wii. We have 2 gamecube controllers that we borrowed from andrew so if rob brings two wiimotes we will be fine.

    Note - I play with wiimote and nunchuck so make sure you bring them plz!

  9. Hey can i bring my own controller? No offense to Andrew but I don't trust his, they glitch up. And i am more comfortable with mine anyways.

    I can bring a nunchuck or two if we need one, and I probably can bring a wiimote too.

  10. i need to know the time when the filming is. oh plus stay tuned for sometime in the first 2 months of 2009... i will be trying to release a new show then.