Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wicked Awesome Update #10


To start of! (just like I promised) Here is the Wicked Awesome Christmas Special Episodic Trailer.

(Note: The episode does not come out in a few secconds, its a long story)

And so here is the long story. I did something wrong in school so I am in a bit of trouble and thought that I would not be able to post the episode on Thursday. So I thought I could release the episode now as a suprise, that is why the trailer says "in a few seconds". But, unfortunatly for you, I have gotten permision to post the episode on Thursday (dont expect a 5 min. long speech like this).

The filming went well, only one person was not able to come, but we came up with an Alibi. This footage will be released sometime soon. We don't know when, but it will come eventualy.

Also, on account of being in trouble, I will not be able to edit and post our Wicked Awesome Humpday Challenge with Alex and Daniel Garay (Robert Galibraith was not able to come). Hopefully we can get that to you ASAP.

That is all for this week. Have a merry last week of school!!!


  1. Interesting posy dylan. Sorry i couldnt be at the challenge, really wanted to. Oh and by the way, the adress to the website is . Feel free to explore around. Alot of my work is outdated, and i would suggest that you start by just reading the main sections before you go to the off site pages. Tell me what you think. ( oh and by the way, i am currently undergoing a switch to blogger.)

    -Dr. R. Phsycopath

  2. It's O.K. Dr. Phsycopathetic!

    Are you ready for the WICKED AWESOME CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!

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