Monday, December 1, 2008

Wicked Awesome Update #8

Hello All!! This is the Wicked Awesome Update.

Here is our final episodic trailer.
(awesome music right)

Filming on saturday did not go as planned, but sometimes thats a good thing. Some of our actors were not able to come so we were not able to do the Christmas Episode, so instead, we filmed all of episode 10! So now all of our filming for season 2 is finished!!

Also we had the idea of having a weekly Humpday Challenge. We have filmed us playing several video games and will post them on the site every Wednesday (Humpday). If you have any games you want us to play then tell us so in a comment.

I think that is it for this weeks update. PEACE OUT HOME DOG!!!


  1. that was confusing, when did u guys do this?

  2. on saturday... WITHOUT TELLING ME!!!!! :)

  3. SAME! i'm insulted once again.

  4. Amen Jake! We will be insulted together! Virtual knuckles! yeah!

  5. you need to send me a deevuhdee of your stuff.

  6. who are you again? i cant tell with our fake names

  7. At laast! an episode where time meets time! HAVOC! mwuahahaha! yes, dylan, you have outdone yourself this "Time"! he he he! WAS SHALL BE A WAS! and it shall be destroyed in the continuims of time! past and future! quantum theories of relavtivity of electronegativities! MWUAHAHAHA!


    -Dr. R. Phsycopath

    Author of "Chaos meets havoc" , "Tear in time", Founder as well as the CEO of the Redbull consumption and Espresso shot foundations".

  8. sup danny boy. oh btw, i'm gonna be a lil busy with the show i'm in over christmas break, i want a dvd of the new show guys and review it... understood andrew?!?! or u can take BSP off like i think u should have because bsp is now a new type of shows.