Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wicked Awesome Update #4

Hey y'al!! Welcome to this weeks early Wicked Awesome Update. Tommorow I will not be around for most of the day so you guys get an early update this week.

For the next few weeks we will be releasing trailers for each of the episodes of WAS! [exept for episode 8 which will not be fillmed until mid-december(see last update)]

This Saturday we will be filming Episode 9. It's about...oh wait...Andrew will kill me if I tell you. Sorry, my co-producer will not like it if I reveal much. I will give you a hint. Metro Station!!

As you have probably seen, Chris has made an awesome new look for the Fall season. We will keep it up until after Thanksgiving, when (if he wants to) he will make an awesome Christmas theme. Note: This is my way of asking him, I have not talked to him about it.

Also, Dr. D is attempting to downgrade the website with his weekly updates. Dont worry, things will run smoothly even with him posting things.

That's all for this weeks early weekly update! Always use crambo, tip your watresses, and dont let your little sibling out of your site. You never know what he/she will do. -peers suspiciously over shoudler-