Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wicked Awesome Poll #1 Results

Well the Poll for favorite first season episode is over and it looks like Episode #3 was the all out winner (even though episode 2 was not found until 3 days were left).

Our next poll will probably be what seccond season episode you are most looking forward to, if Andrew thinks it is alright to do so.


  1. Hey WAS folks, this Galbraith here. Interesting site. well designed, good upkeep. Like the latest trailer. keep up the good work. (two thumbs up)

    - Wanderer

  2. Yeah, sorry about that guys. The problems i've been having kept me up for remember i didnt have #2 up yet. Oh i think i found the teddy stuff thou. Besides, #2 wasnt good much.

  3. hey, i made this funny video.. CHECK IT OUT!!!

  4. ah! HAVOC! YES IT MUST BE! well done, frair death! WAS shall be a was! yes, it must be so! now, i shall unleash my super ultra secret weapon!


    -Dr. R. phsyco

    ( i have changed my name, everyone. I am no longer one wanderer! BEHOLD, DR. R PHSYCO! MWUAHAHAHAHA)