Saturday, November 22, 2008

Andrews Weekly Crambo (by dylan because he is taking to long)

Hi everyone!!!

R U RDY 4 BG Announcment!!

Well here it is!!!

We are changing the sorting of the episodes so that they are in a different order. Here is the new order

Episode 6 = Pure Evil!!
Episode 7 = Secret Agents
Episode 8 = Another one rides the bus
Episode 9 = Run!! Democrats!!
Episode 10 = Time is Relative

On a final note, something to ponder. The number 5...think about it...


  1. I was just coming to post this, o well. Whatev.

    Numba 5 people, think about it.

  2. hmm... interesting. I see that Andrew is lacking in his responiblities! a good sign! soon havoc shall reign, for all the members of WAS shall disapear! I bet andrew fell into a giant cheese factory and is now inside a giant wheel of cheese in sandwhichdom!


    Dr. R. physcopath

  3. ( i am currently gertting bored of leaving massive posts and David has asked me to not take over the Website. He thinks it shouldnt fall into my evil clutches, so i shall slow down.)