Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Need Your Help!!

Hello fellow surfers of the interwebs. I am in need of your services.

I need a film company name. One that relates to W.A.S. because we are using a different camera and such to do all the filming and I am doing all the editing and producing.

I need something imaginative and relates to W.A.S. If somone gives me something good, I may have a prize for him. So please leave reccomendations in the comments of this post.

P.S.- There will be no weekly update this week


  1. How about: Wicked Awesome Studios.

  2. how about random/arts

  3. Really? Wicked Awesome Films?

    To boring, give me something better yet still remotely related to W.A.S. like...

    Little Lobster Films (referencing the little lobster we had in the episode "Another one Rides the Bus")

  4. 6 Guys...
    Little Cuts from Ordinary Guys
    6 Ordinary Guys
    Whispering Winds Studios
    Clanking Rocks Studios

    Um, I really don't know. You can tell that I'm not very imaginative right now... :P

  5. Two seals walk into a club, the third one ducks.

  6. the awesome studios
    the weird studios

  7. the absolutely idiotically wicked awesome studios!!!