Monday, March 23, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #21

Greetings all!!

Alright, we are almost ready to start selling T-Shirts. We have found a way to make them ourselves that will allow us to sell them to you guys for about $10 each. I have a picture here of one of the first ones I made.
I had a little trouble with the printer so there are pink lines across it but that problem will be solved by the time we start selling them to you guys. Also this one was burnt slightly, which we will have also eliminated by the time we are ready to sell. Aside from those flaws, the shirt looks pretty good. Comment on whether you would want one.

Also, we (hopefully) have another film date set. One of our episodes will be filmed at a secret location and you will not know what it is until it's release. There will be a hint of course in the episodic trailer, but don't expect too much.

Thats about it for this week, hope to see you round the internet!

EDIT: No one has commented yet!! If you think that the quality of the shirts is to low just say so and I will continue looking for another alternative.


  1. Are you ironing on the designs? I tried that but failed epicly. I'd like one but, are they all going to be black? It would be awesome if they could came in like three or four different colors. :)

  2. I don't mind if they ar all in black but could you posibly put like "As him self Drew!" on the back or some thing for the crue only then it would rock!!!

  3. i want one but i can't afford to pay ten dollers could you lower the price or some thing?

    someone in the hoffman family

  4. If you want something good to use for making shirts, you can get kits for that at Wal-mart for like 3-4 bucks apiece.

  5. Because that shirt looks like you just taped the symbol on.

  6. Well give him a break. It was one of his begging trys. It took my a long time before i became good at it.

    And Are you Grant blankenchip? (Pardon if I mispelled the name)

  7. I agree with some of the comments above - if you can make the quality a little nicer, and give some kind of subtitle to make folks ask what it is, we'd buy at least one.

  8. They look really good! One question though:
    They do come in different sizes right?