Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #19

Greetings Internet!!

We have a special something for you guys! The first ever season 3 trailer of WAS!

Note - Black Spot Productions made this video, but will not be producing season 3. Production of season 3 will be reserved for Wicked Awesome Productions due to the fact that Black Spot will be producing many other shows this summer.

EDIT: We are going to be relocating most of our videos to a different account because as you probably have noticed, we have videos on 2 different youtube accounts, 1 google account, and a myspace account. We are going to try and put them all on one youtube account so if you try and watch a video and it does not work, just wait and try again later.

Ideas are finally starting to catch on and things are starting to move. Hopefully we will film another episode during this wonderful weather. Other than that there is not much happening. So that is it for this week!