Monday, October 20, 2008

Wicked Awesome Update #2

Hi, this is Dylan, bringer of all good news for Wicked Awesome Fans.

Lets start things off with a teaser trailer.

You got it! We are going to make a christmas special. We already have some awesome ideas and it is going to be one of our best works. You will get more info on that later. Now, lets move to another trailer.

This is our latest trailer for Season 2 of the Wicked Awsome Show. Don't worry, the next few months will be gone like that! That is all for this weeks Wicked Awesome Update. Tune in next week for more videos and more Wicked Awesome Action!


  1. o andrew you changed the trailer... looks cool tho! good job guys

  2. That is my trailer, I made it. I made both. :-D

  3. that was a well made trailer guys :)