Friday, October 17, 2008

Andrew's weekly sneak peek, numero UNO!!!!

Alright, Dylan will be supplying us with big, imprtant updates (woopdie-doo) on Mondays, but I am here to supply you with not quite as crutial, but nevertheless interesting info on what's goin on with the WAS crew and what we're doin next.

ALRIGHTY THEN!!!! Let's get rolling!

I can't tell you everything (you'll have to wait till Monday) but we're coming up with a big suprise project (HINT: You might not have to wait till January for it).

Brainstorming on that subject, and for many future episodes have come up, and you can look forward to some (wicked) awesome stuff comin up!

and, at the rate we're goin, you can pretty much put a third season on the list of "can't wait fors" smile, smile, lol.