Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello my little nemis's!

So my W.A.S. friends, as we all know I was sucked into time and space after that little "time traveling" incident, and I thought all my little enemies back hom might be wondering what happened to me. Well I am here to assure you that I am fine, and as dastardly as ever!!!! I've been doing some pretty devious deeds as well, all the while seeing the world as it was 50 years ago. But don't go thinking I am going to stay here!! I will return this season!!!! But while i'm gone, here is a trailer for... me. Me, as I was 50 years ago before I went screwy. So here you are!!!

Dr. D

EDIT: Dates given in Tralier are subject to change


  1. Wow! That was really well done! Now I can't wait till the 1st show.

  2. LOL!! This was totally Dave's doing. But we now have to base a cool episode from this trailer.

    Well done Dr. D. Glad to have you back!

    P.S. - Dates given in trailer are subject to change

  3. Hullo, Doctor D! (I'd just call you "Doctor," but that's reserved for the guy with the blue phone booth who time travels. Sorry.)
    Good to ahve you back! I'd wondered where you'd gone. Looks like you moved headquarters further north. Good decision. Looking forward to havoc,
    -E. Kelley

  4. It's funny, because this trailer does almost smack of Dr. Who. It actually could be a trailer for that had I not put hello Dr. *D* but that's just as well. :)

  5. hahaha that's awesome! I love the shot with the handcuffs half on and the gun in hand...

  6. HAHAHA! Chaos has returned to WAS. yessssss, Dr. D shall return!

    Ok, I get a little over excited sometimes. Seriously, well done david! I like the part at the begging with the handcuffs.