Friday, June 12, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #27

Hello Everyone.

Things are going incredibly slow here at Wicked Awesome Productions. We still have plenty of work to do on Season 3, most of which hasn't been written yet. I'm feeling a bit discouraged. Please Pray for me.

Also, I have found an alternate Video Hosting service for a few of the videos I was not able to slip past the Automatic Copyright sensor.

That is pretty much it. Pray for me and pray for inspiration to strike our writers.


  1. Its okay Dylan.

  2. For every cloud dismality there is a sunbeam of happiness......Unknown philosipher

  3. Are you sure you didn't say that Robert?

  4. Thats the point! No one knows that i am also a Philospher, so therefor I am unknown.

    Every shroud has its purple lining.

  5. no Robobert you have the source for it so you don't quote it as unknown. Just because it sounds poetically happy does not make it philosophical.

  6. im really sorry to hear that. i love this blog and your episodes are really funny!!!! i laugh sooooooooo hard when i watching them. you all are def talented :D maybe you should let girls tryout for this.