Monday, May 4, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #23

Hello all!!

The play is over (WAAAAAHH!! :'-( ) but that means that it's time to start really working on the next Season of WAS. We have already filmed 1.5 episodes (the half an episode will probably be released to you guys early as a short).

Our writers are starting to buckle down and nearly all of the episodes on youtube now have behind the scenes pop ups!!

Hopefully by the end of this week we will have a lot of writing done. So I hope to see you there! And remember, don't trust strange girls.


  1. lol!

    The play was awesome. Great job dylan! its a good thing you didnt mess up (knock on wood). lol

  2. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more time wasting

  3. cause YOU CAN LIIiiIiIVE!!!!