Monday, February 23, 2009

Wicked Awesome Update #17

Hello again from the Wicked Awesome Show.

Sorry that I missed the update last week, but I was able to get you at least part of the Worthy 08 Episode. That took up most of my WAS attention.

Anywho, as you can see by the post below, we have started using ads on the site. Some of you have been asking questions about this. Well, the "Look for Ads About" thing is there because my account is awaiting aproval. But once we get aproval, we should start seeing some ads and hopefully earning some money.

Some of you have asked how much money will we get? Well, we will get money for every time somone clicks on an ad on our site. How much money we get depends on how much the poster of the ad will pay us. EG: An ad from ebay would probably pay more per click than a small flower shop in japan.

We are also still batting around Ideas for the 3rd Season of WAS. Some old ideas have been discarded and new ideas have sprung into place. Our writing team has already started writing the season finale, one of our biggest episodes yet. Unfortunatley for you, I'm not going to tell you what that idea is yet.

On a final note, season 3 might not come out until early fall, but you never know. We might get lucky and get all the episodes done before that. So, no deadline has been set but expect them late summer-early fall.

Well, you guys got a big update this week cause things are finnaly starting to happen. What's happening? Well I cant tell you, but it will knock your socks off when we reveal it. So...

May good fortune rule over you
May the stars watch over you
And may peace live in your heart

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